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Open Bibox coin-margined contract to win rewards, industry top rebates never stop!
2020-11-23 07:43

Bibox coin-margined perpetual contract is live, supports BTC, ETH trading pairs, and supports up to 150X leverage!


Event 1: Up to 80% commission rebate, just deposit and get it!

By inviting users to deposit, coin-margined contract agents can obtain up to 80% commission rebate qualifications.

For more information, please contact the senior client manager of the contract, the Telegram account: @Bibox_FU.



Event 2: Bibox exclusive gifts are ready for sharing!

During the event, users whose coin-margined perpetual contract transaction volume exceeds 2000USDT can become one of the 100 lucky users through "APP-Invite Commission-Poster Invitation to Share" and upload them to the community of social media, and they will get a limited edition of Bibox " Cold wallet mnemonic board".


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Event Time: 14:00 October 28,2020-14:00 November 11,2020 (GMT+8)



Please to be noted:

  1. Event 1 and Event 2 can be participated at the same time.
  2. Real-time statistics and distribution of commission rebates.
  3. Special rate accounts can only be used as the inviter to get the invitee's transaction fee rebate.
  4. Fraudulent behaviors such as malicious swiping of orders are strictly prohibited. If found, the qualification for rewards will be cancelled, and the account will be frozen if the situation is serious.
  5. For details of the event, please consult the Telegram account: @Bibox_FU
  6. The right to interpret this activity belongs to Bibox.


Thank you for your continued support to Bibox.




Official website:https://www.bibox.com/

Twitter: @Bibox365
Facebook: @Bibox2017
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