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Best Strategy Trader WANTED
2020-11-23 07:45

To provide users with a better follow trading experience, Bibox develops a brand new follow trading system based on its business framework and technical features. Signal delay, slippage, single variety, etc., the currently widespread pain points will be solved as much as possible with this new system.


Advantage of Bibox's Follow Trading System:

1.No signal delay and no order lost or stuck;

2.No slippage, unlimited trading ;

3.No frequency limit, smoother than ever;

4.Fund-ish management model;

5.Available for all kinds, token, contract, etc.


Benefits for Strategy Traders:

1.10% of followers' profits as rebate;

2.Account fee level higher than Pro.5;

3.Highest commission level;

4.Admission to offline party;

5.Priority to new Bibox products.


Link: Click to Apply


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