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Upgrade Bibox Contract to an Independent Brand
2020-11-23 11:23

Dear Biboxers,


Bibox Contract has run sound and safe for 649 days since its launching in 2018. It has been offering Coin Futures and USDT Futures, with quantitative trading such as Contract Grid, CTA available for users. Throughout the days, the cumulative transaction amount has approached 500 billion dollars.


To provide more professional services to users, Bibox will upgrade its Contract Section into an independent brand, taking place from November 23, 2020. Details are as follow:

  • Rename Bibox Contract to Bibox Futures;
  • A brand new website futures.bibox.com for Bibox Futures. Meanwhile, users can access the current domain as well.
  • No need to re-register, users can access WEB, APP, and API with their current accounts.
  • During the upgrade, all quantitative trading such as Grid Bot, CTA can be accessed and used.


As a user-oriented institution, Bibox Futures will set off as an independent brand and dedicate to providing users with more professional and reliable derivative trading services. Thank you for your support to Bibox!


Risk Warning: digital futures are innovative trading products with high risk and requiring more professional knowledge. Please be cautious in making reasonable investment decisions.


Bibox Team




Official website:https://www.bibox.com/

Twitter: @Bibox365
Facebook: @Bibox2017
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