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Bibox Supports Spot Full-site Grid Trading Services
2020-11-25 02:40

Dear Biboxers,

As the world's first AI digital asset trading platform, Bibox has always built a professional trading service pattern based on users. Since the official beta of grid trading on January 6, 2020, Bibox has successively supported contract grid, leveraged grid, infinite grid, CTA, fixed investment, cross-market arbitrage and other tools and dozens of trading strategies, greatly satisfying users' diversity demands for trading , and has effectively lowered the threshold for trading profit.

In order to provide users with a better trading experience, the entire Bibox spot site will enable grid trading services. You can experience grid trading, leveraged grid and infinite grid services on any trading pair; once new projects are live on Bibox, the new tokens will also be enabled simultaneously Grid trading services.


*Bibox Grid Trading and Infinite Grid are platform-generated trading tools, suitable for automatic low-purchase high-sell under volatile market conditions, no need to watch the market, and still you can get stable income. Grid trading is a strategic tool and does not constitute any investment advice or recommendation. It is recommended that you evaluate the investment risk and use it reasonably after reading the grid trading tutorial. Please refer to the following materials for details.


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Thank you for your support to Bibox!




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