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Lucky Draw for Deposit
2020-12-02 03:41

Dear Biboxers,

During the events time, you can get a lucky draw once the net deposit exceeds 500 USDT. Prices such as BTC, ETH, Bibox Hardware Wallet, commission fee coupon are waiting for you.Details are as follow:


19:00 11/26/2020 to 23:00 12/5/2020(GMT+8)


1.We will calculate the net deposit amount during 19:00, Nov. 26th and 19:00, Dec. 1st;Lucky draw will star at 23:59, Dec. 1st and end at 23:00, Dec. 5th. 
2.Prices are accumulable and repeatable.
3.Net Deposit=Deposit-Withdraw.
4.One account has up to 10 lucky draw chances.


First price: 0.5BTC (1p)
Second price: 0.2BTC+5ETH (3ps)
Third price: 0.1BTC+3ETH (8ps)
Fourth price: 0.05BTC+1ETH (30ps)
Fifth price: Hardware Wallet (50ps)
Participate Award: Share 100,000USDT commission fee coupon (valid in 30 days)


Lucky draw link:https://m.bibox666.com/lucky_draw?id=42


Please note:

1.All token rewards will be issued to your account "My Wallet" within 5 working days after winning.

2.In-kind rewards will be within 10 working days after winning the prize. Official staff will contact the winning user based on the winning information. Please keep the communication open.

3.Bibox reserves the final right to interpret this event. If cheating or swiping is found, users will be disqualified from participating the event.


Bibox Team




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