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Bibox's Second Phase of Coin Swap Airdrop, Open a Position with Cost-free and Win BTC!
2021-01-06 11:17

The first phase of the "coin swap airdrop event" was actively participated by platform users. In order to welcome the New Year and reward the support of old users, the second phase of airdrop is now open. The total amount of this round of airdrops is 5 BTC equivalent tokens. The coin swap trading competition “cost-free to open a position to win BTC” is also launched.

Details are as follow:


I. Claim airdrop

Airdrop time: Complete the airdrop before the competition starts.

Airdrop tokens: The airdrop tokens include BTC, ETH, LTC.

Airdrop amount: Share 5 BTC equivalent tokens. The random airdrop is based on the actual number of tokens received.

Airdrop target: Old futures users who have received targeted notifications via emails, text messages and phone calls, and all users who have ever traded any token or coin swap assets ≥1U in the Bibox coin swap.

Airdrop location: The airdrop amount will be directly airdropped to the user's coin swap account, and users can directly open positions in coin swap.

Airdrop purpose: It can be used for coin swap margin to deduct handling fees/losses.

Bibox Telegram group airdrop bonus: If invited airdrop recipients invite 1 effective new user into the group, the airdrop reward will increase 1 USDT equivalent tokens. If invited airdrop recipients invite 3 or more effective new users into the group, the airdrop reward will increase 4 USDT equivalent token. Airdrop bonus cannot be obtained at the same time. They are delivered according to the highest reward. The number is limited, first come first served. please add Bibox official telegram group (https://t.me/BiboxExchangeEnglish)and contact with admin(@Bibox_kf). 

Sharing bonuses: All users participating in the trading competition will share the event poster through Twitter(@Bibox 365). Keep the posters until the end of the event. Users will enjoy the 50% bonus sharing bonus for the trading competition. please add Bibox official telegram group (https://t.me/BiboxExchangeEnglish)and contact with admin(@Bibox_kf). 


II. Participate in the coin swap to open a position with cost-free and win the BTC trading competition

Competition time: 16:00,January 7,2021~16:00,January 14, 2021 (GMT+8)

Rules: This competition is open to all users on our platforms. When the event starts, you can participate in the 7-day coin swap with cost-free to open position to win the BTC trading competition. The ranking report will be published regularly in the community. After the event, the platform will count the cumulative profitability, rank and publicize. After the event, eligible participants will receive the following rewards.

Rank Reward
1st 1BTC
2nd 0.5BTC
3rd 10ETH
4th~6th Share 1000USDT
7th~10th Share 500USDT


Please note:

1.The user who ranks first in the 7-day cumulative profit rate can win 1BTC;

2.Personal cumulative profit rate = (7-day cumulative coin swap account realized profit and loss + unrealized profit and loss) / (coin swap account equity at the start of the competition + amount credited within 7 days);

3.Airdrop tokens are valid for 7 days, unused within the validity period will be automatically recycled;

4.Users will receive the airdrop before 16:00 on January 7, and after receiving the airdrop, they can officially participate. Users who receive the airdrop at that time will receive an email notification;

5.Special rate accounts and sub-accounts are not allow to participate in this event;

6.It is strictly forbidden to use sub-accounts to swipe and other cheating behaviors, once discovered, the qualification for rewards will be cancelled immediately;

7.The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the Bibox platform within the scope permitted by law.


The airdrop BTC event will continue. Stay tuned.


Thanks for your support to Bibox.




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