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Bibox Will List Kine Protocol(KINE) on 3/11/2021
2021-03-12 03:44

Dear Biboxers,

Bibox Innovation Board will list Kine Protocol(KINE) on 3/11/2021.


I. Listing Time

3/11/2021 22:30 (UTC+8), deposit function will be enabled.

3/11/2021 23:00 (UTC+8), KINE/USDT trading pair and Grid Trading will be enabled.

3/12/2021 16:00 (UTC+8), withdrawal function will be enabled.


II. Token Information

Kine is a decentralized protocol which can establish a general liquidity pool supported by a customized digital asset portfolio. The liquid bonus pool allows participants to open and close derivatives positions based on reliable price information. Kine lifted the restrictions on existing peer-to-peer (also known as peer-to-peer) transaction agreements by extending the staking space to any Ethereum-based asset and allowing third-party liquidation.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 KINE


Please be aware that crypto market price is volatile upon listing. Please trade cautiously after evaluating the market carefully.


III. Related Links

Official Website:https://kovan.kine.finance/

White Paper: Click for Detail

Block Explorer: Click for Detail

Fees: Click for Detail

Click here to deposit

Deposit Guide


Risk Warning:

Cryptocurrency investments are risky. Please make investments wisely according to your own risk tolerance.


Thank you for your support to Bibox!




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